Historic Street Name

Previous Street Name: 17th St

‘Current/Next’ Street Name: Abandoned under I10*

Earliest Date for ‘Previous’ Name: 1902

Latest Date for ‘Previous’ Name:   1928

Entry covers from cross street to cross street or similar: Hope St to Maple Ave

Approximate Number of Blocks: 6

Length of segment: 0.58 miles

Map(s) used to confirm street name changes:

Reference 2: 1902 Rueger, 1908 Hamlin, 1908 Wood

Reference 3: 1928 Hill, 1921 Baist

Notes: *17th still exists along the I10 and may be the same alignment. The eastern blocks after the jog at Main definitely abandoned. Was Morris before.

Extent as JSON: [lng lat] {"type":"LineString","coordinates":[[-118.26805830001831,34.035572868157935],[-118.26299428939821,34.032923344059355],[-118.2632088661194,34.03267439123358],[-118.26003313064575,34.030896135519086]]}

Updated: February 06, 2018 15:07

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