Historic Street Name

Previous Street Name: Main St

‘Current/Next’ Street Name: part of Upper Main St

Earliest Date for ‘Previous’ Name: 1857

Latest Date for ‘Previous’ Name:   1857

Entry covers from cross street to cross street or similar: The Plaza to half block north of Virgin St (currently Alpine St)

Approximate Number of Blocks: 3

Length of segment: 0.41 miles

Map(s) used to confirm street name changes:

Reference 1: 1857 Bancroft

Reference 2: 1894 Sanborn has it "Upper Main St" and much longer

Notes: Eventually became N Spring St

Extent as JSON: [lng lat] {"type":"LineString","coordinates":[[-118.23917739180617,34.057073295432815],[-118.23885552672438,34.05780215976214],[-118.2383190849214,34.058886556067456],[-118.23788993147902,34.05989983187929],[-118.23694579390578,34.06187301843154],[-118.23660247115187,34.062566289286806]]}

Updated: January 14, 2018 21:28

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