Historic Street Name

Previous Street Name: Mission Road

‘Current/Next’ Street Name: Alhambra Ave

Earliest Date for ‘Previous’ Name: 1902

Latest Date for ‘Previous’ Name:   1902

Entry covers from cross street to cross street or similar: current N Mission Rd / Valley Blvd interection to LA city boundary in 1908 (as far as the map went).

Approximate Number of Blocks:

Length of segment: 0.9 miles

Map(s) used to confirm street name changes:

Reference 1: 1902 Rueger

Reference 2: 1908 Hill, 1908 Wood

Reference 3: 1921 Baist, 1928 Hill

Notes: Note that Alhambra has many segments that have changed over the years. Mission also. This stretch later became Valley Blvd

Extent as JSON: [lng lat] {"type":"LineString","coordinates":[[-118.20809654340306,34.06507808913881],[-118.20664203927082,34.06528947729171],[-118.2046516651951,34.06558541981985],[-118.20398820716984,34.06562769723947],[-118.20306957298108,34.065606558532295],[-118.20217645640861,34.065543142379084],[-118.19934400099315,34.06503581144492],[-118.19704741552115,34.064570755420284],[-118.19459772435106,34.06412683592496],[-118.19265838550801,34.06374633164941]]}

Updated: January 12, 2018 10:35

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