Historic Street Name

Previous Street Name: Marchessault St

‘Current/Next’ Street Name: Gone. N edge (walkway) of El Pueblo LA Plaza Historic Park

Earliest Date for ‘Previous’ Name: 1894

Latest Date for ‘Previous’ Name:   1928

Entry covers from cross street to cross street or similar: N Main St to Alameda St

Approximate Number of Blocks: 3

Length of segment: 0.1 miles

Map(s) used to confirm street name changes:
  1894 Sanborn
  1908 Hamlin
  1921 Baist detail
  1928 Hill

Reference 1: Morse**

Notes: Marchessault continued with a jog as E Marchessault St to the east of Alameda. See separate entry. On 1928 Hill. Union Station was completed in 1939. Not clear from older maps as this segment is in the Plaza and mixed with a confusing confluence of streets

Extent as JSON: [lng lat] {"type":"LineString","coordinates":[[-118.23884896002713,34.05713496026435],[-118.2384144421667,34.056912744444745],[-118.23806039057673,34.05657497528323],[-118.23751214074886,34.056122674184316]]}

Updated: March 30, 2020 16:31

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