Historic Street Name

Previous Street Name: Jefferson St.

‘Current/Next’ Street Name: E. 38th St. in the city of Vernon.

Earliest Date for ‘Previous’ Name: 1903

Latest Date for ‘Previous’ Name:   1908

Entry covers from cross street to cross street or similar: east of Alameda to Santa Fe

Approximate Number of Blocks:

Length of segment: 0.52 miles

Map(s) used to confirm street name changes:

Reference 1: Morse*

Reference 2: 1908 Wood

Notes: 1908 map didn't get to Vernon. This covers a portion. TODO: check further east

Extent as JSON: [lng lat] {"type":"LineString","coordinates":[[-118.2392809479356,34.0080073915572],[-118.2369139809232,34.00805141345962],[-118.23284765297889,34.00808285766168],[-118.23026826585003,34.00808285766168]]}

Extent as Coordinate Array (string): [lat lng] Legacy/Deprecated [[34.0079888707242,-118.23922622948886],[34.00807780839357,-118.23029983788732]]

Updated: October 03, 2017 21:47

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