This project would not have been possible without MaptimeLA and their recent activities visiting CSUN and UCLA to learn about their map collections. Chris Salvano, now the CSUN map curator, built San Francisco Historical Street Names Index which lead me to thinking about this project

This page will be developed, but for now you can look at the acknowledgements for a related project which uses many of the same resources.

Ruby on Rails
Postgres (PostGIS)

Stackoverflow site and wonderfully helpful people

Special thanks to link Зелёный who walked me through what for me was a major problem with jBuilder

Leaflet and extensions/plugins. May have abandoned since doesn't work well with opacitySlider or something like that

Base layer change


Resizes show and edit map to fit width. Probably could extend to height with change in page structure

Opacity Slider

Zoom level display

Turf.js for measuring length of segment.

Leaflet.timeline slider

Column sorting

To List of Historic Street Names